Vehicle Signage

Transportation signage is a important part of any companies advertising effort. The message should be clear and readable. If does not metter if your budget is small you can communicate a message that will bring in more business.

Part of car signage and a much cheaper option if you use your car privately too

Using car magnets to advertise your business is very cost effective

epila_gallery5.jpg vehicle signage.jpg car_tatoo.jpg car_signs_4.JPG Hilux_bonnet_wit.jpg Hilux_kant_silver.jpg hilux_silver_agter.jpg Hilux_wit_agter.jpg chopper3.jpg   





This extreamly important marketing tool is widely used in South Africa.  It is important to note that when you decide to do this type of advertising you should know that your vehicle should always look clean and neat.  It is expensive to start off but becomes cheaper and cheaper advertising every day.


  1. You can go for the expensive option which is wrapping and for this we only use high quality cast vinyl.  Its expensive and we can wrap the car totally.
  2. The more affordable option is branding which means your vechile is  decorated with logos and text and can look just as good without the big price tag.  For this we also use  a good quality Polymeric vinyl


Contra vision also called window film

Great for advertising on cars because of the fact that you can see through from the inside

This is a very interesting product that is getting more and more popular with busineses  It can be aplicated on the rear window or cars like in this image or on shopfront windows where customers can see ap printed image from the outside.  From the insid  you can look through.

epila_gallery4.jpg wfilm_1.JPG wfilm_2.JPG wfilm3.JPG landi_1.jpg landi_2.jpg  

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